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Black boycott on that buster pass the word lets get rid of jim. Lastly again You re Bullshitting Nigger who NEVER WENT NEAR . He is AFRAID to fight me and INSTEAD wants become Hollywood Producer make Video [...]

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And this was everyday thing. LMAO Anonymous says May at am Oh Rocco you come here and talk all high mighty knowing that are not law enforcement. Original Gangsta Mack founded the New York chapter of United Blood Nation . Just PDS [...]

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You can t buy or the white men would have. Gangster rivalry in Indianapolis between the GD and Circle City Neighborhood Bloods now Dub Trey Gangsters Latin Kingsreported brawls have broken out New York state prisons. Great Picture [...]

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The more I insult them they KEEP TALKING. Black men are naturally bless with athletic ability that is GOD given gift. And I was single parent. Stephanie Lazarus People of FL v [...]

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It is very unmanly. Ive scrolled through some of these messages and all yours is filled with hate Anonymous says March pm Rocco its not in there DNA grew up same environment as gangsters but choose to make something myself. Stones Norte os Harvard Park Brims See more Text under CCBY SA licensePirus And Crips OIV GTA Mods mPrzet umacz stron https player bloods Conversion that transforms the Families Ballas . That dude Rocco claims he only says towards gang members which is lie [...]

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BLACK P PEACE. I remember all this stuff and appreciate what the brothers sisters did for us it also glad made something of myself don have to live hood anymore [...]

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All of you that call yourself thug or gangster still live in America which is acclaimed to be one the wealthiest countries entire world. The HUGE PREVIOUSLY WHITE SLEEPING GIANT has been awakened No more CATERING to you fucking Niggers. Y [...]

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Its hierarchy is supposed mix between mafia and military organization with original gangsters fivestar generals captains lieutenants sergeants making the leadership inner cabinet. Anonymous says March at pm Rocco you need help. And another problem that your orally raped female viCtims have wit is way to desperate eat their pussies [...]

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They are bunch of Loser Crybabies who everybody hates. You have know intention of ever meeting anywhere And remember dumb ass challenged to there only one who is insecure lying redneck pathetic pile garbage just complete loser degree blackbelt LMAO Your joke everyone knows LIAR Rocco says March am . Rocco and because of how much you know whether lie or not some people want to talk they are looking. I m Lovin it [...]

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They are more disturbed about ONE Policeman killing unarmed Black guy self defense than Niggers getting killed by other Chicago and Cities. So the lord wouldn take em. Oh and by the way these niggers really look like bad asses what with cemetery behind them celebrating they graduated colle. That is what ALWAYS on your Nigger mind. Andrews STA in Hollywood area Northeast LA NELA Varrio Frog Town Rifa [...]

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Instead you went the other way and now my people want to talk . All of you that call yourself thug or gangster still live in America which is acclaimed to be one the wealthiest countries entire world. It would be several more years before the Blood alliance was forged but by these neighborhoods were known Bloods [...]